Here you’ll find a list of products and services that I absolutely love! Each of the products, courses, and services on this list has enriched my life in some shape or form, whether it was saving me money and time or simply making me happier. I full endorse the quality of everything on this list and just know that those of you reading will love everything mentioned below as much as I do.

My Favorite Beauty Resources 

Mieoko Makeup Brushes Mieoko Makeup Brushes

Mieoko to me, is what Morphe was to everyone five years ago, a little brand with quality products, inexpensive prices, and a lot of hustle. I ordered their free foundation brush months ago and can honestly say I use it multiple times a week. In my opinion, it’s a great dupe for the cult favorite Sigma F80. I also added on to my order their 18 piece brush set and am pretty happy with those as well. I think for the price, you can’t beat Mieoko. I actually have a full review on the brushes I order that you can read by clicking here

Exposed Skin Care  Exposed Skin Care

Let me just be clear (pun not intended) when I say I have never personally suffered from acne…kind of. You see, it really depends on your definition of acne. I guarantee whatever you’re picturing right now at the mention of the word “acne” is not what I’ve dealt with. Rather, I’ve experienced periods of my life where I just can’t seem to have less than 2 or 3 pimples at any given time. Are these pimples huge? Not really. Are they inflamed? Not really. But do they bother me? Hell yes! Exposed Skin Care really helped me get my skin back under control during these hormonal periods of my life. I love that they’re products are gentle, and contain both powerful acne medication AND natural plant extracts. I also love that they’re so confident in their product they offer a money-back guarantee.

million dollar tan  Million Dollar Tan 

Despite living in sunny San Diego, I am not a big fan of the sun. Sure, I love the warmth on my skin during a day spent at the beach just as much as the next girl. But what I don’t love? Sunburns, cancer, age spots, etc. Being very fair and having skin cancer on both sides of my family, it’s important to me to take care of my skin and avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible! Buuuuut I still enjoy having tan skin now and again, especially in the summer. That’s where Million Dollar Tan comes in. I love how natural their tanners look and how easy they are to apply. And their smell, although a tiny bit noticeable, is nothing like the nasty fragrance I typically find in other self tanners. If you want a safer way to tan, definitely check them out!

Use code Million20 during checkout to save 20% storewide (excluding glowboxes)

My Favorite Food Resources

UrthBox UrthBox

I don’t think I’m alone when I state that finding perfectly portioned healthy snacks can be super HARD! Especially when I’m trying include more vegan options into my diet. Luckily for me, I discovered UrthBox! Urthbox is a great snack box subscription service that offers a variety of different snack boxes perfect for anyone’s dietary restrictions. They offer vegan boxes, non dairy boxes, and a few different non restrictive diet box choices as well. They also let you choose how many snacks you would like in your box unlike most other snack subscription boxes.

Receive a FREE snack box with any snack box purchase!

HomeChef HomeChef

Besides a good snack box, I can really appreciate a meal delivery box as well. My boyfriend Alex and I love home-cooked meals and making dinner together, but we don’t always love all the prep work and grocery shopping that comes along with this. Cue our obsession with HomeChef. This meal delivery service is by far our favorite out of the 5 or so we’ve tried for several reasons. First, we think their pricing is totally fair, with most meals averaging around $10. Second, their ingredients have consistently been the freshest we receive out of all the subscription boxes we’ve tried. Third, their portions are really generous, we’ve even had leftovers in a few instances! And lastly, their food is just damn good, the perfect mix of elevated but not intimidating or too fancy! Also, don’t worry about any longterm commitment to their subscription boxes, you can pause your account at any time (as well as unpause) to avoid more deliveries.

Right now you can get $30 off your first box (bringing the cost per meal down to just $5!) by following this link