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winter cocktail recipes

Fourteen Fabulously Festive Winter Cocktail Recipes

Is there really anything more satisfying than kicking your feet up at the end of a long day and sipping on your cocktail of choice to unwind? If you’re anything like me, this practice becomes especially

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vegan Christmas cookie recipes

Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes Even Santa Will Love

While “veganizing” dinner favorites like pizza, mac n’ cheese, and wings may require a little finesse and skill, baking delicious vegan desserts is typically a piece of cake (see what

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best foodie gift ideas

The Best Foodie Gift Ideas that will Seriously Impress

We all know at least one person (maybe many) who is obsessed with food. Whether they love trying new foods, cooking, or simply being up to date on all the latest and greatest new restaurants and fads in

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easy vegan thanksgiving recipes

20 Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes

Being vegan during this time of year can be hard, which is why I wanted to compile this list of easy vegan Thanksgiving recipes! While most people get to enjoy delicious holiday treats like honey roasted

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