40 Fabulous Makeup Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

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Ah makeup, can you ever really have too much of it? Well, if you’re like most makeup junkies chances are the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!”. However, there is one certain complication that plagues literally all makeup lovers, collectors, and hoarders alike… organization. 

You see, as much as we all love to admire our favorite eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and bougie products we paid way too much for… no one and I mean NO ONE likes looking at mess.

So, what do you do when you can’t bear to part with your makeup collection? Well, you get organized!

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the absolute BEST makeup organization ideas that will help you stay organized and stylish at the same time.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into all of the fabulous makeup organization and storage ideas below!

Makeup Storage Ideas Pin

Blogger Chic Marble Makeup Organization Idea

Makeup Organization 1

If you’re partial to trendy aesthetics and dreamy flat lays, then you’re going to fall head over heels for this gorgeous marble setup. Featuring a luxe marble tray with acrylic accessories, this setup is practically begging to be shown off on the gram.

Crisp & Clean Acrylic Organizer

Makeup Organization 4

If you’re fond of clean, minimalistic decor, then look no further than a beautifully understated acrylic organizer! Featuring multiple levels of organization, this organizer can fit everything from palettes to lipstick and then some, all while beautifully showcasing everything with it’s see-through design.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Frame Idea

Makeup Organization 5

Tight on cash but still want a makeup organization solution that looks fabulous? If so, why not give this DIY magnetic frame a go? All you need is any old antique picture frame or framed mirror, a metal sheet of some sort, black spray paint (or color of your choosing), hot glue, and magnets!

Shrine to Beauty Makeup Organizer Idea

Makeup Organization 7

If you’ve got some extra space (like a whole wall give or take), why not transform it into your very own shrine to all of your beauty products? You can mount shelves to create a storage space so large, it’ll be like shopping in Sephora every time you go to pick out what products you want to use.

Trendy Gold Makeup Storage Idea

Makeup Organization 2

Looking like a post from your favorite fashion blogger or influencer, this trendy gold setup is almost too good to be true. Featuring a metallic makeup brush holder, crisp white details, and a touch of marble, this is one seriously chic #SlayStation.

Vintage Inspired Mirrored Tray Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organization 8

Want to add a little vintage flair and a touch of old Hollywood glam to any vanity, desk, or bathroom counter? If so, consider opting for a gorgeous gold tray with mirrored bottom that provides ample space for storing and showcasing your most essential makeup products!

Garden Chic Makeup Storage Idea


Makeup Organization 9

Want to repurpose some old flower pots? Why not use them for your makeup brushes like the photo above! All you’ll need is some sort of loose packing material, such as pebbles or beads to keep the brushes upright and in place.

Vanity with Pull Out Draws 

Makeup Organization 6

If you need to organize a lot of makeup and could benefit from having a professional space to actually do your makeup, your best bet is going to be a vanity. Although not the most affordable option on this list, a vanity is one of the most functional and helpful items to have to stay organized.

Makeup Rolling Tray

Makeup Organization 10

Take a page out of your favorite makeup Youtuber’s playbook and get yourself a multi-level rolling cart to place your makeup on for a quick DIY organization hack. Bonus points if you actually roll it around as you do your makeup in different parts of your home.

Separate Shelving Makeup Organization Idea

Makeup Organization 11

If you’re short on surface or drawer space, your best bet will be to hang some shelves for storing larger makeup items such as palettes. Not only will this make finding what you need a breeze, but you should also be able to maximize shelf space since palettes tend to be so thin. 

Tried and True Alex Drawers


Makeup Organization 12

Okay, we know everyone and their mother is familiar with the infamous Alex drawers from IKEA but we still felt a need to include them on this list. They’re practically a classic amongst makeup enthusiasts everywhere! On top of that, they somehow have managed to defy the test of time and stay in style for years…

Hanging Shoe Rack Makeup Organization Hack

Makeup Organization 13

This makeup organization idea in particular made me smile because of just how creative it is! It involves taking a hanging shoe or jewelry organizer and stuffing it instead with makeup, particularly long and thin items such as lipsticks, glosses, mascara, eyeliner, and the sort.

Bar Cart Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organization 14

Like the stylish big sister to the aforementioned rolling cart, a bar cart also makes a great option for storing makeup. Retro yet modern, bar carts fit a wide variety of interior designs and offer multiple levels of storage.


Makeup Organization 15

The perfect neat and tidy aesthetic, clear acrylic drawer organizers are a wonderful makeup storage option for those looking to neatly store their go-to products within reach. Acrylic drawer organizers are also great because they can be cleaned easily and are durable enough to withstand wear and tear. 

Empty Candle Containers

Makeup Organization 16

Have a beautiful or expensive candle you’ve burned through but don’t want to throw away? No problem! simply pour boiling water into the candle container and wait for the wax to rise to the top and dry. If any wax remains, simply repeat this process until the container is clean. 

Literal Lipstick Drawer

Makeup Organization 18

If you have plenty lip products, then you may benefit from a drawer dedicated solely to storing your lipsticks, lipglosses, balms, and any other lip products. Similar to above, acrylic drawer organizers are your best bet for storage. 

Desktop Lipstick Organizer

Makeup Organization 19

If you’re blessed to have a large vanity or desk for your beauty space, you can always store your lip products upright in a lipstick holder that is just as functional as it is attractive. 

Floating shelves Makeup Storage

Makeup Organization 20

Save surface space and achieve optimal makeup storage at the same time by mounting shelving such as in the photo above. You can opt for any shelving you like and arrange them in the manner you see fit. This floating sequence of shelves in especially inviting to the eye when mixed with other elements such as plants.

Oversized Plastic Bins

Makeup Organization 21

Have a million and one beauty blenders? Why not throw them in a chic, oversized and see through bin like the one pictured above? The bin would also work great for storing virtually any other bulk item you own, especially if the packaging/coloring is pretty enough to display. 

Makeup Brushes in Pearls

Makeup Organization 22

What could be more glamorous than pearls? Okay, maybe diamonds but pearls just possess a certain vintage flair that will instantly elevate any vanity or makeup station into that of a chic boudoir vibe! 

Lazy Susan makeup Storage


Makeup Organization 23

Tight on space but heavy on makeup No worries, just get yourself a multi-level lazy Susan to house all of your essentials without compromising the little surface area you have. 

Washi Tape Makeup Organizers

Makeup Organization 24

Commonly used to decorate planners and calendars, washi tape is great for decorating containers to store makeup in as well! With countless patterns and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless! All you need is a pair of scissors, washi tape of your choosing, and clean containers.

Full Beauty Cabinet

Makeup Organization 25

Let’s be serious, this picture is straight goals! If you’ve got the extra space, be it in a cabinet or on a bookshelf, why not display your beauty collection for all to admire? You could even go so far as to color coordinate it, if you’re into that sort of thing that is!

Cleaning Supply Caddy


Makeup Organization 26

Short on cash but need to get organized fast? If so, look no further than an easy-to-clean rubber cleaning supplies caddy. You should even be able to find one that’s compartmentalized to effortlessly organize brushes, palettes, skin products, and more. 

Intersecting Shelves As Makeup Display

Makeup Organization 27

Makeup is art, so why not display it as such on your walls with an eye catching shelving display? This intersecting floating shelf is perfect for adding some geometric flair to your walls and housing all of your most prized tools.

Votive Candle Holders

Makeup Organization 28

Candle burned out but still have your votive holders laying around? Good news, these pretty little beauties make fabulous makeup brush holders! Simply clean them out and pop in your favorite eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, or even longer makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara, or lip liner!

Marble Tray and Fresh Flowers

Makeup Organization 30

Bring a little color and life to your makeup organization with a fresh bouquet of flowers. And when paired against the timeless charm of a delicate marble tray? Well, you’ve got a makeup setup that’s worthy of trending on Pinterest!

Cake Stand Makeup Storage

Makeup Organization 31

Elevate your favorite makeup products or brushes with a chic cake stand to place them above all other belongings on your desk, vanity, or counter. Having this cake stand will help add a cool design element to your space and leave you feeling more organized as well!

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