Fall Hair Trends: From Cuts, to Color, to Styling

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Fall hair trends are always a topic of hot discussion, as many people find themselves wanting to reinvent their look with the falling of the leaves.

In fact, according to many hairstylists, people tend to be more trend-oriented with their choice of hairstyle and color in fall than any other season!

Maybe it’s because fall seems to be the season of reinventing one’s self, maybe we just crave a change after the long days of summer have come and gone, whatever the reasoning…fall just seems to be the time of year where we all look to the professionals for some major #hairgoals inspiration.

This year is no exception when it comes to the trendiness of fall hairstyles and dye jobs, as my Pinterest has been filling up tenfold during the past could of weeks with pins centering around the biggest hair trends for fall.

As you may have expected, rich, warm reds are definitely making a statement, as are caramel highlights that bring depth and dimension to darker locks!

However, some more spontaneous and playful trends like rose colored hair and the undone braid are also proving to be just as prominent amongst trendsetters this season.

Read on to discover the hottest fall hair trends and just how you can transition your hair to the colder months, and get yourself looking fab just in time for the holiday season!

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fall hair trends

Mushroom Brown Hair

hair trends for fall

Although this color first started taking off around
the middle of the summer, it’s cool toned highlights make it an ideal option for those who want to transition their brunette hair to fall.

Starting with a medium brown base, ask your stylist to add ashy mushroom brown colored highlights that will give your hair dimension and an overall more cool toned feel.


Sexy Shag

hair trends for fall

This fun and youthful style definitely pays homage to rock legends like Steven Tyler and Joan Jett, but is made more modern by falling just below the shoulders and incorporating soft, long layers.

Alex Chung (above) has mastered this style and kicks up the playfulness a notch by throwing in piece-y bangs that create an upside-down V shape that flatters her long face by shortening it slightly.


hair trends for fallPlatinum blonde hair has been making a bold statement this past year, and shows no signs of slowing down this fall! What sets the platinum fall hair trend apart from years past, is a leaning towards more white, less yellow looking color.

If you’re thinking of making a commitment to platinum hair (believe me, it IS on!) then depending on how light or dark your hair currently is, consider transitioning little by little to avoid frying your hair with bleach.

Talk with your stylist to develop the appropriate plan of action.

Smokey Lilac

fall hair trends

If you want an ombre that doesn’t look like everyone else’s, check out this unique and trendy spin!

Starting as a dark grayish purple at the roots and fading into a light lavender at the tip