18 Best Dewy Setting Sprays For ANY Budget AND Skin Type

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Dewy setting sprays are amazing because they not only lock your makeup in place like a traditional setting spray, but give your skin this healthy lit from within radiance!

They also can help make dry skin feel more comfortable by imparting subtle hydration to the skin.

With a dewy setting spray, you can also transform shimmery eyeshadows into even more reflective and sparkly colors!

Simply spray your brush or finger after dabbing into your eyeshadow pan and apply to reveal shadows that look wetter and more reflective.

This will also work with highlighters!

If you want to achieve glowing, healthy looking skin or magnify your eyeshadows/highlighters then I highly recommend checking out the list below of the best dewy setting sprays for any budget!

In a hurry or just plain curious?

These specific dewy setting sprays are the most popular amongst our readers!

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Best Dewy Drugstore Setting Spray

If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to shell out for a great setting spray then have no fear! These options from the drugstore will provide you with a beautiful glow to the skin without breaking the bank.

NYX Cosmetics Dewy Finish Setting Spray

NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray Dewy Finish, 2.03 Fl Oz

This setting spray is not only a great value, but a drugstore cult favorite!

This dewy setting spray from NYX will not only set your makeup and keep it looking fresh throughout the day, but will also give your skin a healthy glowing sheen.

Ulta Beauty Dewy Makeup Setting Spray

Ulta Beauty Dewy Makeup Setting Spray ~ 3 fl oz

Another great drugstore option, this dewy finish setting spray from Ulta Beauty packs a major punch.

Not only will this spray keep makeup in place and looking freshly applied, it also is rich in humectants like Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid that help to lock in skin’s moisture.

This spray has a coconut fragrance to it and is paraben and gluten free.

MILANI Make It Dewy Setting Spray

Milani Make It Dewy 3-In-1 Setting Spray - Hydrate + Illuminate + Set (2.03 Fl. Oz.) Cruelty-Free Makeup Setting Spray - Prime & Hydrate Skin for a Bright, Refreshing Look

This product from Milani functions as both a setting spray AND a primer!

Delivering a cooling and refreshing mist to the skin, this dewy setting spray is able to lock in makeup for up to 16 hours of wear, helping you avoid creasing eyeshadow, fading foundation, and smudged makeup!

Best Dewy Hydrating Setting Spray

Sure, looking like a glowing goddess is great and all…but what about the health of your skin?!

If it’s hydrating moisture you’re after, then you have just got to try these dewy hydrating setting sprays below!

Not only will these bad boys lock in your makeup and leave skin looking fresh and dewy, they’ll actually hydrate your skin too! Win-win.

Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Setting Spray

Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray 118ml/4oz

This cult favorite hydrating setting spray by Urban Decay actually cools down the temperature of your makeup with “Temperature Control Technology” to keep makeup looking flawless for up to 12 hours!

It also mists skin with refreshes the skin by imparting subtle hydration that’ll keep it feeling great all day,

Flower Beauty Seal The Deal Hydrating Setting Spray

Flower Beauty Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray

This setting spray from Drew Barrymore’s brand Flower Beauty creates an invisible barrier that not only keeps makeup looking fresh and vibrant all day, but also protects skin from damage from pollution!

And as if that isn’t enough of a reason to try it, this dewy setting spray keeps skin looking and feeling soft and smooth as well.

Pixi By Petra Glow Mist

Pixi by Petra Rose Glow Mist - 2.70 fl oz Rose Glow

This fine mist offers a beautiful dewy glow to the skin, while also nourishing and protecting it was a mixture of 13 natural oils, aloe vera, and fruit extracts.

The propriety blend of oils and aloe vera also deeply hydrate the skin.

One final pro? This spray also has a great drugstore price point, so don’t sleep on this one.

Best Dewy Setting Spray for Oily Skin

Looking dewy is all fun and games…that is until your oils break through and turn you from glowing goddess to greased chicken. Yikes.

Avoid this by opting for a setting spray that imparts a natural sheen instead of an all out glow.

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray, 4 Ounce

This dewy setting spray is in a league all it’s own because it offers a BUILDABLE level of glow – meaning if you have oily skin you can be picky about the level of dewiness you give your skin.

This fine mist dries instantly, locks makeup in place all day and is alcohol free!

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix 4.22 oz

Ideal for all skin types, this setting spray from Make up For Ever imparts a subtle, healthy looking glow.

By creating a sweat-proof, rub-resistant barrier, this product is able to lock in makeup for up to 12 hours, all while increasing oxygenation to the skin! Pretty amazing.

Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray

Makeup Revolution London PRO FIX Illuminating Makeup Fixing Spray 100 ML. / 3.4 Fl. Oz.

This affordable option available only at Ultra is a great choice for those who want a subtle glow and don’t want to drop a lot of money to get it!

This setting spray locks in makeup for up to 8 hours and has fine specks of shimmer that won’t look like heavy glitter on the face.

Best Dewy Setting Spray for Dry Skin

A little bit more hydrating than the aforementioned hydrating sprays, these 3 setting sprays take moisture up a notch by really hydrating even the driest of skin types.

Use these sprays to lock your look in place or simply give dry skin a burst of moisture.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist SIZE 3.8 oz/ 112 mL

A definite must have for the woman who burns the candle at both ends or the woman who loves all things coconut, this dewy setting spray by Marc Jacobs imparts 24 hour wear (!!!) and uses 5 different forms of active coconut to deliver a comfortable, hydrating, refreshing, nourishing, and deliciously smelling experience to the skin.

Wander Beauty Glow Getter Mist

Wander Beauty Glow Getter Mist

This amazing setting spray is actually a 4 in 1 product, functioning as a primer, setting spray, hydrating mist, and skin refresher!

This rose scented spray is enriched with Icelandic glacier water as well as 25 skin-loving nourishing oils to help calm, soothe, and improve skin.

ALGENIST Splash Hydrating Setting Mist

Algenist SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist, 4 ounce

Think of this product from skincare giant ALGENIST, as an ultra hydrating makeup setting spray that doubles as a serum. Woah.

Mineral enriched sea water and alguronic acid intensely hydrate the skin whilst simultaneously making it appear more youthful, leaving you with skin that is smooth, replenished, hydrated, and glowing. Yes please!

Best Dewy Setting Spray for Sensitive Skin

So you want skin that looks fresh, dewy, and glowing but struggle with having sensitive skin? Have no fear!

These dewy setting sprays are ideal for skin types that error on the sensitive side.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, 3.4 Ounce

This magical spray, beloved by celebrity makeup artists like the legendary Lisa Eldridge, is great for sensitive skin because it contains natural ingredients like grape extracts.

Combining the powers of plant extracts and essential oils, this setting spray works perfectly between layers of makeup and can even function as an aftershave for men!

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, 1.6 Ounce

This gel-like mist helps to visibly correct shine, while hydrating the face and locking in makeup!

The formula of this spray is great because it has a PhytoTarget Complex that supports skin’s natural moisture and defense against stressors, which in turn helps lead to smoother skin over time.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, 3.9 Fluid Ounce

This setting spray from Smashbox is awesome because it’s essentially a 3 in 1 type of product.

This dewy setting spray can function just as well as a primer as it can a makeup setting spray.

It also offers hydration. Infused with electrolytes this spray will also effortlessly awaken the skin.

Best Dewy Setting Spray at Sephora

Looking for the best dewy setting spray to scoop up at Sephora? Well, look no further!

These dewy setting sprays are some of Sephora shoppers’ favorites and are rated highly on their website.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist - 40 milliliters / 1.35 ounces

Expect this product to live up to it’s hefty price tag and then some as it definitely delivers the dew!

This ultra fine mist not only helps prime the skin with a radiant finish, but also has a blend of over 20% humectants to help lock in moisture on the skin.

It is also a great product to have for refreshing throughout the day since you can apply it before and after your makeup!

Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray

Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting & Refreshing Spray

Infused with opalescent pearls, this super fun new dewy setting spray from Too Faced imparts an all over glow to the skin.

Upon contact with skin, this spray will help refine the look of pores by smoothing skin.

And with a dreamy, ethereal scent, it’ll keep you feeling those festival good vibes year round.

GLAMGLOW  GLOWSETTER™ Makeup Setting Spray

Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray By Glamglow for Women - 3.7 Oz Spray, 3.7 Oz

This setting spray is infused with a TEAOXI® complex (green tea, white tea, and red tea) and offers many benefits to the skin including, locking in makeup, energizing skin, adding a sexy radiance, and smoothing out any texture.

Have you tried any of these products, or do you have a different favorite dewy setting spray you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

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