10 Sneaky Things That Cause Acne and Unexpected Breakouts!

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When it comes to acne, being consistent with a skincare regimen and making sure to eat a healthy diet chock full of skin clearing nutrients can be difficult enough.

But what if I was to tell you that all your hard work and effort to achieve the skin of your dreams could be being undone by some sneaky things that cause acne?

It’s true, experts agree that the lifestyle choices we make can in fact affect our acne. The good news? These lifestyle choices are very simple to correct and are less time-intensive than you may think.

Read on below to discover the top ten habits you should be doing on a consistent basis to help keep your skin clear…

sneaky things that cause acne

1. Glasses and frames soak up bacteria like a sponge!

Anything that makes it easy for dirt and bacteria to accumulate are disastrous for acne since dead skin and bacteria. Swipe glasses thoroughly and often. Wipes like these are convenient to carry.

2. Cellphone screens AKA breeding ground for bacteria.

Text don’t talk! Our cell phones contain more bacteria than we even realize. Even worse is when these bacteria come in contact with our cheeks, chin, or mouth. Having a good antibacterial product handy is so helpful.

Next time you tell Grandma you love her, be sure to do it in a text. And if texting isn’t your style, try using headphones or speakerphone (just please, not in an elevator with other people around you).

3. Make up brushes don’t always make you prettier…

The bristles in make up brushes contain bacteria, dirt, and oil from repeated use.

It is important to clean them regularly with soap and water, or ideally to invest in a good brush cleanser that won’t lead to your bristles shedding, I swear by this one.

4. Clean your pillowcase and bedding weekly!

skinny things breaking you out

Our bodies naturally produce oils and sweat, even while we sleep.

This oil can accumulate overtime on our pillowcases and easily influence our skin in a way that will surely disrupt the journey to clear skin.

Not to mention, if you go to sleep at night without showering, you are sending an open invitation to the day’s dirt and bacteria to join you in your bed. Gross!

Where we sleep and place our heads must be cleaned frequently to keep oils, dirt, and other bacteria at bay.

5. Make sure your sunscreen isn’t clogging your pores.

Love it or hate it, sunscreen is something you should wear everyday.

More importantly, you should be using a good SPF that is not going to clog your pores when you lather up for a fun day at the beach, we recommend one that’s a mineral formula or designed to lay under makeup.

6. You’re using the wrong laundry detergent.

Sometimes certain chemicals in detergents can irritate our skin leading to breakouts on our face and body. We recommend switching to a fragrance free, dye free and dermatologist test detergent to be extra safe.

7. Be wary of Protein supplements, especially of those that contain whey.

Whey protein contains a hormone known as Igf-1 which is meant to help baby cows and humans babies alike grow strong as it is naturally found in both cow’s milk and breast milk.

However, as an adult, high consumptions of Igf-1 can lead to acne in several different ways.

First, this hormone makes your skin produce extra oil. Second, it leads to pores being clogged by dead skins.

Third these dead skin cells get glued together inside the pores until they are shed.

Essentially, this hormone creates a perfect environment for acne to form.

We recommend vegan alternatives such as hemp protein and pea protein if you’re looking to gain muscle without breaking out.

8. Use hair products carefully!

sneaky things breaking you out

Many hair products, be they aerosol sprays or styling pomades, can contain ingredients that upon making contact with your skin can lead to clogged pores.

If you’ve ever noticed breakouts along the hairline, back, or neck, chances are it could be from a hair product.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse out all hair products in the shower, shield your face when applying sprays (hair spray, dry shampoo, etc.) and try to avoid letting damp hair with styling product lay against your clean skin.

9. Smoking…is it good for anything?

The carcinogens in the smoke from your cigarette can dry out and irritate your skin.

As a result of your skin being dry, your sebaceous glands may be triggered to produce more oils which can then lead to clogging and subsequent breakouts.

Besides this, smoking also breaks down your skin which will make you age quicker, not to mention probably give you cancer. So yeah, just don’t smoke

10. You never clean your bike helmet!

Heat, sweat, and friction, are the perfect recipe for irritating the skin.

Disinfecting your bike helmet and replacing the padding are two important tasks if you are an avid bicyclist.

Also, shower immediately after working out because our sweat, if left resting on our skin for too long, will eventually enter back into our pores bringing the bacteria that was on our skin with it.


Do you know of any sneaky ways we can break out? Leave them in the comments below!

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