Mieoko Foundation Brush Review: How I Got My Free Brush (not a scam)

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Many makeup artists are raving about the new Mieoko Foundation Brush, with some even claiming it to be the best dupe they’ve seen for the beloved cult favorite Sigma F80 kabuki brush. With so much hype, I just had to see for myself if this brush truly performs. Check out my full Mieoko Foundation Brush review below.

Mieoko Review Summary

Product Name:

Mieoko Foundation Brush

Product Type:

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush


$4.95 (Shipping & Handling)


This foundation brush performs relatively as well as its high end predecessors, but for a fraction of the cost.


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I recently came across an offer for a free foundation brush, and while I don’t normally take the bait on these types of “too good to be true” offers…something about this one caught my eyes… This free brush appeared to be a dupe for my beloved Sigma F80 brush!

If you’re not familiar with the internet’s favorite foundation brush  let me give you some background on it. Sigma’s F80 Kabuki Brush has been recognized in publications like Allure, InStyle, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, and even Vogue! It is also widely hailed as many makeup artists’ favorite foundation brush. Bottom line? This brush is simply amazing.

Naturally, I decided to place an order for this Mieoko brush and try it out. I paid just $4.95 for shipping and handling. The appeal of having a brush for a backup when my Sigma was dirty was far too tempting to pass up! Plus, what if this brush ended up being total dynamite? I figured, for less than the cost of a Starbucks, how could I not investigate this further?

UPDATE: I’ve received some messages asking if the Mieoko Foundation Brush is a scam. Let me clarify: It is not a scam if you order through the American Beauty Association, which is where my friends and I all ordered ours. I’ve found that the people calling this a scam all ordered their brushes from websites that are not approved vendors for Mieoko. As of right now, the American Beauty Association is the ONLY website approved to offer this brush for free.  Use this link to place a secure order.

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What I Liked About the Mieoko Foundation Brush

So now that you can understand why I wanted to order the Mieoko brush in the first place, let’s discuss what I liked about the brush overall.

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Here you can see just how dense the Mieoko Foundation Brush (right) is in comparison to the Sigma F80 (left).

 1. The brush is made up of extremely soft fibers. Soft fibers not only feel more comfortable on the face and are less irritating on the skin, but they also make blending out makeup very easy. The fluid movement of soft fibers will allow you to work effortlessly and seamlessly to buff in any foundation.

2. The brush is comprised of synthetic fibers, meaning fibers that are not real animal hair. Synthetic fibers are always my go-to because they tend to steal less product. Similar to our hair, the hairs in a natural fiber makeup brush (typically goat is used) will absorb oil and actually sheer down your application as a result.

3. I am able to custom fit my coverage with this brush. Meaning, I have some control over how flawless my foundation will look. I find that because this brush is dense, I am able to get a very even blend regardless of if I’m using a lot of foundation or very little!

4. I love this brush because even though it is on the denser side, it has great movement and allows me to work quickly. Long-lasting foundations can typically start to dry on the skin rather quickly, so to combat this, you need a brush that will effortless blend and press product into skin. This brush does just that.

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Alright now that you know what I did like, let’s talk about what I didn’t like…

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Because Mieoko brushes have over 22,000 synthetic bristles, they don’t absorb (read: steal) your foundation and are able to create a full, flawless coverage.

What I Didn’t Like About the Mieoko Foundation Brush

While Mieoko gets it right in most aspects, there are a few things I didn’t like about the brush that I believe are worth sharing…even if it’s just me being really picky!

1. Although this brush is a pretty close dupe to my Sigma F80, I did notice it seemed to need an extra pump of my foundation to achieve the same level of coverage. Although not a huge deal, I obviously would prefer to use the least amount of makeup possible. But to be fair, I was building up to a full coverage which could explain why I have’t had to use extra product when I blend in my more sheer foundations.

2. I think this is me being really picky here, but the Mieoko brush isn’t quite as dense as my Sigma one. I wouldn’t say the Mieoko isn’t dense, it just seems to have less fibers than the Sigma. I prefer really dense foundation brushes because they allow me to build up my coverage very easily and seem to offer the most natural looking blend.

Mieoko Foundation Brush Conclusio​n

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Mieoko foundation brush and am glad I decided to order it. It performs almost as well as my beloved Sigma F80 brush (my go-to foundation brush for the past 5 years), besides a few minor details.


What I Like

  • Brush is extremely soft and dense
  • Bristles are synthetic
  • Customize coverage
  • Great movement

What I Don’t Like

  • Requires a little bit more foundation for full coverage
  • Isn’t quite as dense as my Sigma F80

Mieoko Foundation-review

Get the flawless finish you desire out of your foundation! 

The Mieoko Foundation Brush will help you effortless buff foundation into the skin to create an even-toned, smooth, and perfect complexion.

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