How to Apply Foundation Like a Professional

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As women, we are all unique individuals with our own sense of style that we use to express who we are to the world.

We choose to channel our favorite versions of ourself to the world through a uniquely creative identity created through clothing, hair styles. makeup, and so much more.

But despite our individualities and unique perspectives and tastes, I can confidently say, when it comes to our appearance, we all have one thing in common for certain…

We all want amazing, flawless skin!

how to apply foundation like a professional

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but…don’t you want amazing skin?! Even men want skin that’s clear, smooth, and healthy looking!

Gorgeous skin is a universal constant in the world of beauty trends that has never and will never go out of style.

There are 3 crucial components to achieving flawless skin…

  1. The right skin care regimen + consistency
  2. The right foundation for your unique skin
  3. Proper foundation application

Today we will be discussing the 3rd component, “Proper foundation application”  in greater detail.

If you want to know how to get the most out of your foundation, read on to discover the best tips for a flawless application and long lasting wear!

Tip #1: ALWAYS prep your skin before applying foundation.

Why? You want the cleanest skin possible for makeup to be applied atop of.

If you have oil, dead skin cells, dirt, or anything else sitting ontop of skin, the makeup is only going to magnify that texture.

Also, with surface-level debris on skin, makeup will have a difficult time being absorbed into the skin and will look very cakey.

I recommend cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and waiting at least 5 minutes before applying foundation.

Tip #2: Use a face primer.

Why? Primer is not only going to smooth out your skin (and in many cases help keep oils under control), but it will also act like glue and keep the makeup on longer!

The great thing about primers is that they come in a finish that will satisfy anyone!

There are mattifying primers, dewy primers, and even natural primers for those who want to look neither matte nor dewy.

how to apply foundation like a professional

Tip#3: Opt for an oil-free foundation.

Why? Foundations with oil as base can slide around on skin and have a difficult time staying put. Try to find foundations with water bases that will adhere better to your skin like this one.

Tip #4: Use a beauty sponge or foundation brush.

Why? Using the proper tools for blending out foundation will have a major impact in not only how the foundation looks on your skin, but also it’s wearing powder throughout the day.

If you use your fingers, they will not only steal some of your makeup by absorbing it, but are likely to leave a streaky, uneven look to the skin.

On the other hand, brushes and beauty sponges ( I swear by this brush and this sponge) will evenly apply makeup all over the face and steal less of the product from you (especially if the brushes are made of synthetic fibers!)

Using the right tool allows you to press the makeup into the skin and achieve a longer-lasting finish.

Tip #5: Always press and buff foundation into skin, never drag!

Why? Dragging foundation across skin can result in not only irritation, but stripes and streaking!

By pressing and gently buffing in a circular motion, you ensure that bristles from a makeup brush do not leave any weird patterns behind and that makeup is blended evenly across the entire face.

Buffing and pressing the makeup will also ensure all areas of the face receive equal coverage since you can seamlessly transition from one area to the next.

Tip #6: Set foundation with a translucent loose powder.

Why? You want to set your foundation and concealer to ensure that oils, humidity, sweat, and other aggravating factors do not break down the foundation.

Setting your foundation with a loose, translucent powder is definitely the way to go because the powder is invisible and will help further mattify and smooth the skin.

Tip #7: Avoid cream based anything.

Why? Just as oil based foundations can glide around on the face throughout the day, so can creams!

Although easy to blend and comfortable feeling, cream products, such as blushes, typically struggle to last for your entire 9-5.

Try using powder-based blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.

how to apply foundation like a pro

Tip #8: Finish your look with a setting spray.

Why? Any real makeup artist will swear by finishing things off with a good setting spray like this one by Urban decay.

Setting sprays not only helps foundation appear more skin-like and soft, but also help to keep it from fading throughout the day.

Similar to primers, there’s a setting spray for pretty much anybody with a variety of finishes – matte, dewy, or natural!

Tip #9: Avoid touching your face.

Why? Besides simply rubbing off makeup, the germs and oils that we have on our hands can not only break down our makeup, but also lead to clogged pores and potentially breakouts! No thanks.

Tip #10: Bring along the necessities.

No matter how expertly you apply your makeup in the morning, there’s always a chance that you may need to touch up later in the day.

In the summer, it doesn’t matter if I use a mattifying primer, foundation, powder, and setting spray…I still am likely to notice some forehead shine by mid afternoon.

To combat my oils peaking through, I make sure to bring along good blotting papers like these and some pressed powder foundation in the closest shade to my liquid foundation possible.

I simply blot my oils away and then go in with a little powder if need be.


So there you have it! These 10 tips should ensure your foundation not only goes on seamlessly and flawlessly upon application, but also lasts throughout your workday as well! If you have any little tips for making foundation last, please leave them in the comments below!

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